Kendall Jenner Has My Dream Wardrobe

Recently I have done some research and I have found some clothing items that Kendall has worn that I envy. Here are some items I love.

These are the Balenciaga Knife Booties

This is the Isabel Marant Utah Floral Embroidered Blouse

The shirt she is wearing here is the Marques Almeida Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

The Boots here are Manolo Blahnik Satin boots

My last item is one that has come back into style. This is the Prada Cashier Small Velvet Convertible Belt Bag



I have not formally introduced myself! I am Sophie and just started blogging this year. I have been wanting to blog for awhile now but was never sure how to do it and was worried no one would read it. I have learned that I don’t mind if nobody reads this because writing is something I enjoy and what makes me happy and maybe my posts will make other people happy. I have loved fashion since I was little, I used to try on my mothers clothing and boots all the time while she would get dressed for parties. I started this blog because I want to write about what I love, and what I love is fashion! Fashion is my passion! I hope that one day my blog will reach this community and people will read and think its cool that a young girl like me is taking time to blog because it is something I would like to start and hope people will enjoy what I have to say.



My Day in the City

Hoped off the plane and went to “Serafina Always” for lunch. It is a cute Italian restaurant that has the best pasta ever! Then I went off to Bloomingdales to shop, and bought Christmas gifts for my boyfriend and also bought more Sisley Paris skincare products. Later on went to Saks and bought a nice black pant suit for interviews. We tried to go to Topshop near Saks because my younger sister wanted to but we couldn’t get in because of the Kylie Jenner pop up store located there, and the line was out the door! Sadly we never made it in šŸ˜¦ We then headed back to the airport to head home…bye bye New York!

You can buy my jacketĀ here


Paying less for expensive items

One thing I have learned is that expensive taste is in my blood. In order to buy expensive things without feeling guilty there are 4 online sites I use to buy couture items for less.

The first one is theĀ Real Real

Bags, shoes, accessories, clothing all for less and yes it is used but still in good condition!

I also useĀ Fashionphile

Another good one is 1stdibs but it’s a bit more pricy than the two at the top

The last one and this is my favorite is Polyvore. Polyvore is a place to sell and buy items but also you can follow people or stores and buy things on sale or out of season.


My Beauty Regimen

My skin is very sensitive and gets oily sometimes and also can get very dry. My skin is just all over the place. I had started to feel that no products worked for my skin, but then I found a product that does the job and keeps my skin fresh, clean and looking flawless! I use Sisley Paris skin products. I use three products every night and every morning.

Below is the Creamy Mousse Cleaner and also it’s a Makeup Remover.

Then I use a toner. This is the Floral Toning Lotion and it works miracles.

Then as my last part I use the Hydra-Global as my moisturizer!

These items are expensive but well worth it!